So many wonderful things come to mind when we think of Jackie Fisher. Her glowing smile, fabulous fiery red hair, and gorgeous sense of style. The way she carried herself with poise and grace. The scent of her perfume. The jingle of her bracelets. Maybe a song she loved or simply just the sound of her voice. Or perhaps her tireless efforts towards the causes and organizations she dedicated herself to, from Crohn’s & Colitis Canada to McGill’s Organizational Behaviour program.

These initiatives, among many others, allowed Jackie to touch the lives of countless people. Her loving devotion and unparalleled commitment to these causes inspired and continue to inspire all of us to chase our dreams with the same passion, conviction, and determination. Whether you met Jackie once, or knew her all your life, she has left us with so many lasting impressions that will help us keep her presence alive each day.

– Sara Robertson