Les causes que nous soutenons

CAMP ERIN® Montréal

La Fondation est fière de soutenir Camp Erin® cette année, le plus grand réseau de camps de deuil gratuit en Amérique du Nord. Ce programme s’adresse aux enfants et aux adolescents âgés de 6 à 17 ans qui ont perdu dans la mort une personne qui était proche d’eux.

Camp Erin® Montréal offre de l’espoir dans les vies d’enfants et d’adolescents endeuillés en offrant un environnement sécuritaire où ils peuvent partager leur histoire, gérer leur chagrin sainement, et honorer la mémoire de la personne qui est décédée. Dirigé par des professionnels du deuil et des bénévoles formés, Camp Erin® est gratuit pour tous les campeurs. Pour ces enfants et adolescents qui sont confrontés à des situations de vie similaires, Camp Erin® Montréal présente une occasion unique de créer des liens entre pairs. Cette expérience dure un week-end et déborde d’activités de camp traditionnelles et amusantes qui sont combinées à des activités éducatives reliées au deuil et à un soutien émotionnel.



Crohn et Colite Canada

Diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of nine, Jackie and her family started volunteering with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada in many capacities. Jackie served as the Youth Spokesperson, she was the Quebec representative on the National Gutsy Generation committee.

In 2005, at the age 16, Jackie was the national teen spokesperson for the annual Heel N’ Wheel Walk. Jackie also started the Youth Action Committee (YAC) in Montreal, created IBD clubs at her schools and held educational fundraisers. Jackie later joined her parents as a member of the Gala committee.

Being affected severely by IBD and its treatments, Jackie had a charming and disarming way of talking about it with her peers family and friends, recruiting them in the fight to find a cure. Education about the unpleasant aspects of this horrible disease was always more important for Jackie than the embarrassment of talking about pain and incontinence.

To Jackie knowledge was empowerment! She found IBD awareness sorely lacking and believed in education. Be it in life, school, hospital, anything she was exposed to was a learning opportunity, a chance to acquire more tools for better coping.

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Le salon des carrières en gestion Jaclyn Fisher

Faculté de gestion Desautels, Université McGill

The Jaclyn Fisher Management Career Fair is one of the biggest events organized yearly by the Soutar Career Centre. Students can connect with prospective employers and learn about available internships, full-time opportunities and develop contacts to enhance job searches.

The Jaclyn Fisher Foundation is proud to support this activity. It is a truly fitting tribute to a Jackie who strongly believed that students be given the opportunity to expand and grow their business and community networks in an effort to reach their goals, fulfill their dreams and achieve success.

In addition to the Career Fair, the Foundation has endowed a yearly Prize at graduation for a student showing outstanding leadership and volunteer service to the community and an in class scholarship for a student with Special Needs.

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Unité des soins intensifs de l’Hôpital général Juif

The Jaclyn Fisher Foundation is proud to support Jewish General Hospital Intensive Care Unit, a place where the sickest people in the hospital, or those who have just had major surgery, receive constant monitoring and care from a specialized team.

We are eternally grateful to the ICU nurses and doctors who supported our family in our time of need.